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A fused nonmetallic material used to protect molten metal from the air and to extract certain impurities. The nonmetallic covering on molten metal resulting from the combination of impurities in the initial charge like ash from fuel, and any silica and clay eroded from the refactory lining. It is skimmed off prior to pouring the metal. Slag ...

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The metal smelting and refining industry processes metal ores and scrap metal to .... to the copper minerals and are then skimmed off the top of the flotation cells. ... A small amount of slag is sold for railroad ballast and for sand blasting grit. ... is shipped to wire mills where it .

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The molten metal and slag flow from the tap hole into a carbonlined trough, then into a carbonlined launder that directs the metal and slag into a reaction ladle, ingot molds, or chills (chills are low, flat iron, or steel pans that provide rapid cooling of the molten metal).

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When raking slag from the hot metal – depending on local conditions – in many cases stroke lengths of 5,000 to 10,000 mm may be necessary. The TML "PAM" slag raking ( deslagging ) machines can be controlled accurately, even when dealing with such long reaches.

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REMSO offers slag skimmer. It is used to rake the slag layer from the surface of molten metal. This reduces the metallurgical load. It is a hydraulically operated machine of sturdy construction for use in steel plants. It is designed to facilitate digging into the crust of hot metal and skim the slag .

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hot metal needs to be skimmed prior to desulphurisation in order to remove high SiO2 containing blast furnace slag, which decreases the effi ciency of the lime. Also, the impeller and refractory of the ladle suffer from increased wear. Finally, the created turbulence requires a larger

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Any blastfurnace slag and slag formed during desulfurization is skimmed off before the iron is charged. Owing to predictable losses during the oxygen blow, there is always more iron and scrap charged than steel produced; for example, 1,080 kilograms of raw material may yield 1,000 kilograms of liquid steel, for a metallic yield of percent.

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slag was returned to the mill for uses too technical to deal with here, some was broken up and used as landfill and for roadbeds, and some was shipped to Buffington, Steel's huge plant on the ...

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molten metal cause an intense stirring action, thus ensuring a homogenous liquid. During the melting process, slag is generated from oxidation, dirt, sand and other impurities. Slag can also be generated from the scrap, erosion and wear of the refractory lining, oxidized ferroalloys and other sources.

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In this technique, hot metal is taken in a torpedo ladle and scrap is added to it. The chemical reaction following this step leads to the formation of slag. This slag is then skimmed off.

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skimmed of the surface in to a slag ladle below. The accuracy of this method is again dependant on the operator determining the difference between the steel and slag as it is raked of.

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May 06, 2009· Best Answer: Slag is a pejorative slang term, primarily used in United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Australia, to describe women who often engage in casual and promiscuous behaviour. Its meaning is broadly similar to the terms "slut" and "skank". It originally derives from the same term for piles of impurities skimmed off during the smelting of metals.

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Once the molten metal has reached a specific pouring temperature it is tapped from the furnace through a spout into a refractory lined steel pouring ladle. Any slag or impurities are skimmed from the top of the molten metal surface. The ladle is then tipped to pour molten metal into a mold cavity.

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Construction Project BSSF is an advanced metallurgical molten slag processing technology selfdeveloped by Baosteel, with completely independent intellectual 2 steelmaking plant Revamping of BSSF slag treatment, Baosteel Branch.


Nov 17, 2016· A ladle 2 contains a quantity of molten metal, heretofore referred to as "hot metal". A slag pot 4 receives and holds a quantity of slag 24 skimmed off a surface of the hot metal. FIG. 2 describes a PRIOR ART method for using the apparatus of FIG. 1.